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White Sands National Monument Alamogordo NM


When touring the glistening sands of New Mexico, out of the desert rises the majestic White Sands National Monument Alamogordo NM. It makes for a site to cherish for all posterity for its statuesque beauty. It is arguably one of the wonders of the modern world and continues to mesmerize thousands of visitors and residents alike in its commanding presence.

The monument rose up as direct effect of dunes engulfing over two hundred and seventy five square miles of desert to create the largest Dunefield in the world composed almost entirely of gypsum. It has also given rise to a unique ecosystem that is sheltered from the rest of the bleak desert climate. In fact there are many plant and animal species that have adapted to the way of life imposed by the unique ecosystem.

Every day, there are many tours that make way to the natural phenomenon. Of the most common visitors are student and school groups. The concept makes for interesting study opportunity for both geography and nature students. It is also a popular rendezvous for free spirits and thrill seekers.

The vast vista of the monument in the background provides a great backdrop for all manner of events. Group visits are usually organized to help with team building as well as to be in a commune with the natural world. The most amazing photo opportunities come at both sunset and sunrise. There is something decidedly magical about watching a large ball of orange flames rise or dip behind a raised landscape

To have a fulfilling tour down in the desert of New Mexico it is worth looking at some of the amazingly unique landscapes. Of these, there is perhaps none as amazing as White Sands National Monument Alamogordo NM. Its unique structure and protected ecosystem is a rich treasure trove of life in all its amazing variety.

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